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The Precious Promise

“On the first day, I remember coming here with a lot of fear and

anxiety. God spoke to me through the promise (Rhema) card that I

had received, which said “I the Lord who created you will help you.

Fear NOT!” I handed over all my tears and anxiety to God and he

took complete control over my body, soul and spirit.”

Washed White As Snow

“God blessed me with His unconditional love during the time of

personal ministry. He washed away all my dirt with His blood. My

deepest wounds are all healed in His love.”


Thank you Adonai Ministries, for the incredible work you all do.

Very thankful!


“Though I came to the Lord 10 years back, I felt I had a lot of my past

to deal with. The teachings have been an eye-opener to me. I was

amazed at the authority that God has given me as a believer, which I

haven’t used. I felt the blessings of the Lord just open up when we

ask. My personal faith in Jesus has increased.

I struggled with sexual sin for 2 years. During the ministry time, I

confessed (for the very first time), repented and received God’s

forgiveness for all my sin. The school has been a great blessing in

every way and I don’t have enough words to express it.”

I Know My Identity

I feel a great peace in my mind. I’m delivered from my fear and

anxiety. I know my identity. I have decided to live a new life, full of

confidence. I worry no more. I surrender all areas of my life to Christ.

My personal ministry was life changing.

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