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I found My Match

Rohit and Navita Cherian

“Adonai” – a name that sounded strange yet captured my interest was introduced in my life by my mother who decided to be a part of the congregation in the year 2004 as the message that was shared every Sunday was quite appealing. Soon she roped my sister and me in. I agreed to give it a try.

My first Sunday at Adonai was different as I was not prepared for the wonderful spontaneous prayers which were voiced without any hesitation. It took me by surprise. I had mixed feelings yet could relate to the message. I was drawn into a wonderful circle. Pastor Victor caught my interest as from my perspective he was just another man filled with wisdom and his simplicity was quite appealing. This made me look forward to attending the service at Adonai.

Soon I realised that everyone at Adonai put their heart and soul in the word of God which was woven into a wonderful book called the Bible. I decided to investigate to see if what I experienced was real and decided to visit Pastor Victor without an appointment. I walked into Adonai and was welcomed by a few people and soon I was face to face with Pastor Victor. Surprisingly, my perception of him was true – a humble man of God who had the wisdom to answer all my unanswered questions and who left me speechless with many questions he put forward. This surprise visitation was truly life changing. I prayed with Pastor Victor and accepted Christ into my life.

Life has never been the same after that as the word of God became real and I became an instrument of His miraculous deeds. God was working through me in unspeakable ways as I began to grow spiritually at Adonai. In 2007 my circle of friends grew and my Christian journey took me to places I never knew existed. I was a solitary traveler with an unbearable burden of lustful thoughts and fornication but now I can taste freedom with the help of God and Adonai. I am sailing on a new ship to heaven.

This choice helped me get rid of all my disloyal friends and the Tuesday prayer gatherings helped me focus on the one true friend in my life – God and now that I found him I am never leaving him under any circumstance He is and will always be my numero uno.

In October 2008 God cleansed my life. I failed my C.A. course and my heart was broken from a bad breakup. If another person had to be in my shoes they would have considered all these mishaps as God’s curse but I took it as signs.

I have been a part of the Adonai family for a little over 3 and a half years now.

The Word of God says, in Luke 19:10 “Jesus came to seek and save the lost”. And I was really lost. But God in his goodness, rescued me and I stand here today to testify to that.

Coming from a Roman Catholic family, Christianity was just a ritual of attending mass every Sunday. I was in a relationship with a non-believer and when my dad passed away, I went through a very rough phase. There’d always been an emptiness within me, but it became even more apparent after I lost my dad. I knew there was something missing in my life but I wasn’t sure what it was. It never even occurred to me that there could be something totally wrong with the way I lived and the principles I had!

But now that I look back, I see that God in His faithfulness had His hand upon me.

My Mom attended an Encounter at Adonai Church and realized that I was not getting to fellowship with youngsters my age. She wanted me to attend a service here. She almost had to drag me to church. I slowly started enjoying getting to know Jesus.

My relationship with the Lord grew stronger and I decided to take water bapitsm. I made this prayer right before I could be baptized. I did not realize the intensity of it at time. I said ”Lord I surrender my life into your hands, you know what’s best for me. Let your will be done in my life.”

I started seeing things in a very different way. I knew I ended my relationship with this boy and God was right by my side and so was Victor and other members from church. They were there every step of the way and taught me how to surrender all my fears and trust Jesus to take control. I had to stop being God in my life and let God be God.

In October 2009 we found a match in each other. Sixteen months later, we had a grand wedding that supported joy and peace as we exchanged vows in the presence of God.

The saying –“GOD always upsets our present as he plans our future” always captures my heart as we do not lack anything as He has always been our faithful provider.

The Potter and the Clay

Wilwin Kumar

I entered Adonai as a heathen with a strong mindset of lasting only for a week, as it was a protestant church. My work at the Adonai office started on 12th October 1992 and I was in charge of the parking of vehicles. I did not enjoy my work, as it hampered my extracurricular activity of playing the sport I loved-which was cricket. Soon I started bunking work to play cricket.

I was then invited to be part of the youth meetings and to my surprise I enjoyed attending these meetings. This triggered my curiosity of attending the service as well. I was assigned to handle the PA systems. As Pastor Victor shared the gospel my staunch Catholicism forced me not to respond to the word but, Pastor Victor presented me with a bible. When I started reading the bible I felt the presence of God and the highlight among the youth added to this strange feeling as they shared their love, unity and thirst for God. This drew me closer to the church.

In 1993 we went for a camp in Mavanahalla, where I was made a leader to watch over the youngsters in the boys’ dormitory. During one of the ministry times, Steve prophesied and said that God has chosen me to be a leader. I laughed at this, as I found it to be ridiculous and just an act. I believed in facts and started a comparative analysis by attending mass in a Catholic church first and then service at Adonai. Although the results showed that they were poles apart, I was drawn to Adonai. As I progressed reading the bible, I felt challenged by God and wanted Him more than anything in the world including my favorite pastime – cricket. So, I decided to give up reciting the rosary and any form of idol worship. I knew that I was still bound emotionally to mother Mary as I always called upon her during the most difficult times. After attending the one to one foundation course, I had the strength to do the impossible i.e. setting Mother Mary free. On 27th July, 1996 I became a true believer as I was baptized at Adonai and did not take a second look at my past.

In 1997, I decided to join the three-month Discipleship Course. This was certainly a life changing moment as I was filled with the Holy Spirit. Annie prophesied by saying that God is going to use me as His instrument and I would be casting out demons at a crusade and this time I believed with all my heart. This made a difference as after I finished the Discipleship Course, I was inducted as an Assistant Leader in the church for cell group meetings in Indiranagar.

In 1999, I was moved to Kirubai to assist in the leadership of the church. As I preached in Tamil I recollected the prophecy that Annie had made and realized that it wasn’t a dream. I was born to be a leader and cricket didn’t hold its place of importance in my life anymore. In March 2000, I moved back to Adonai. (Adonai was then separated from NFI). Pastor Victor asked me to kindly lead worship in the English service, I was thrilled as I knew that I was in the right place. Later, I became the treasurer for the Board of Trustees. Slowly I got involved with educating children and have been with the Radiant School of Learning since 2004. I underwent discipleship training for a year which included leading the teenagers of the church and on the sidelines evangelizing to the community behind the church (Doddigunta), this resulted in starting a Tamil service at Adonai in November 2000. At this point I realized that the prophesies were coming true whether I liked it or not and this time I did feel like an instrument as I was doing this with God’s help. He was guiding me to pastor the English service as well as the Tamil church.

I have now completed ten years in the Tamil church, and was officially inducted as the Pastor in 2007. I am married to my lovely wife, Angeline for 7 years and we have a beautiful daughter named Gabriela.

As I look back at the journey I have travelled I would like to thank God for being the potter who molded me into the man I am today. I am truly blessed to be a part of Adonai.

Do Not Fear, For You Shall Not Be Ashamed


When I first came to Adonai in 1991, the congregation met at the Rotary Club hall on Lavelle Road. I was 23 and didn’t know anything about God or Jesus. I had been through many disappointments, dropped out of a couple of colleges and a couple of jobs that did not pay much. I had completed a three-year course in smoking marijuana and had a personality that swung between overconfidence and inferiority. I had just returned from an attempt at a world cycling tour. I was also a chain smoker and my language was loaded with more expletives than English.

On the first Sunday I came in, the message was a passionate sermon on the love of God and how Jesus had died on the cross for all our sins and how God’s arms were wide open no matter what you had done. I returned Sunday after Sunday for the next four weeks and heard pretty much the same thing. I have been here ever since. That message of God’s love and grace got me! I came from a Hindu family where religion was about rituals which I did not believe in. The simplicity of Christ and his teachings had me hooked. The cigarettes, dope and foul language disappeared, of course, when I began to believe in Christ.

For the very first time, I did experience the very tangible presence of God. That surprised me and I began to think that if God was real, I would give my life to him. I wasn’t looking for God, but if there was a God, I wanted the truth in black and white. I also didn’t want to be wasting my time if any of this was not true. However, over the weeks and months that followed, I continued to experience deeply the tangible presence of God and found the truth I was looking for. That is the story of how I became a Christian.

Ever since, I have experienced God’s hand of blessing and provision in my life. There has been a sense of contentment, healing and wholeness in Him.

Isaiah 54:4 became one of my favorite scriptures – “Do not fear, for you shall not be ashamed: Neither disgraced, for you will not be put to shame”. To this day, in many challenging circumstances, I find God encouraging me with this same scripture, and I can testify that I have never been put to shame neither disgraced. God enabled me to follow my passion of travel and I started my travel company about 10 years ago. God has blessed me abundantly in every area and I thank him every day for His grace and faithfulness. Today, my business supports a few families and children. With God, you might not need an MBA from IIM or Harvard! Especially if he calls you into business.

It all started with just one step of coming to the right place. Over the years, God has used Adonai to teach me the fundamentals of faith. The countless teachings we receive on faith and the love, grace, sovereignty of God have enabled each one of us to understand just a little bit more of God and apply these truths in challenging circumstances in our lives for His glory.

At Adonai, every sinner will find hope. In every hopeless situation, you will find faith and no matter how difficult your situation, you will find support. You can’t ask for more on your journey with God.

I’d like to thank the team at Adonai for the fantastic job they have done over the years and the way God has used them to impact my life and many others. Its been 6 years since my wife Wilma and I have been married. We have since been blessed with our three children Karuna, Joanna and Daniel. God bless.

The Road That Led To Adonai Church

Shireen Pearson

It was August ’88, and I was desperately looking for a church where I would get my spiritual needs met-growth,teaching,the opportunity to serve and most of all, a family in the Lord.I prayed much about this and no real cry from the heart goes unanswered by the Lord! My prayers were answered and I soon got to meet this wonderful group of people through an evangelistic crusade in which Bro.S.R.Manohar was the guest speaker. The church was the young Adonai Church, just two years old, with a young pastor and his wife, always smiling and welcoming. The worship in the meetings was genuine and lively. Pastor Victor and Annie invited me to the service that Sunday and my friend Rachel Verghese offered to pick me up. I just loved the worship, the teaching and the fellowship. Different from anything I had experienced in a traditional church!

The next Sunday I set out on my own but, not surprisingly, I lost my way since I was so new to that area. Disappointed, I told the Lord that if it was really His will that I be joined to this church He would have to literally guide my steps to the building where the church was housed in Indiranagar. That’s when a Divinely- operated GPS took over in my head! It was nothing short of a miracle! I could hear a clear voice telling me to turn left or right as was required and I found myself directly on the road to Adonai and could hear heavenly music coming from the First Floor of the building, just where I was standing! My joy at the Lord’s guidance was unsurpassed!

This is God’s given church for me where my children and I found refuge, guidance and growth and the children their salvation through the Sunday School. Without my Pastor, Annie , Pastor David Gundi, Manjula and all the church family I could not have found the strength to carry on after all the storms that have come in my life. My sisters in the Daughters of Zion have carried me in their prayers and I have experienced the upliftment in my spirit almost immediately! I have been equipped and trained to face life joyfully & victoriously, slowly but surely these 23 years!

Thank you Pastor Victor, Annie and all the leaders for helping me to stand sure on the Rock!

Third Generation Running

Duncan Lewis & Family

With a sincere desire and a dependable heart, our long search for “The Church” began at the end of 1989. One visit to Adonai and we knew this was where we belonged. Without a doubt in our hearts we embraced what we now call our ‘second home’!

It was at the beginning of 1990 that we became committed members of the church. It has been a blessed and fruitful journey of 21 years at Adonai since then. It is with a heart full of gratitude that we praise God to this day for the transformation he has brought in each one of our lives as individuals and as a family.

Right from the start the church has been with us in our share of joys and challenges, stood by us in times of financial difficulty and our sicknesses. Where Duncan’s health was concerned, we experienced immense support and love from the entire church, both in terms of prayer and even in blessing us financially in our time of need. We clearly remember an instance when Duncan met with an accident and the church took an offering; for which the amount collected was the exact amount required for the surgery! We have seen immense blessing in our lives since then and have been reaping the benefits of what we have sowed over the years out of the revelations and teachings we have received. We are now living a debt free life which we once thought would take a lifetime to repay.

Looking back in time we see what a blessing the family camps have been. We enjoyed every one of them. It was a wonderful way of bringing families together for a holiday and enjoying the fellowship of other families. The kids accepted the Lord at one such camp. The kids’ foundation was established through teachings and personal ministry which have benefited them richly. Today we can see the fruits of the right decisions and choices they have made in their lives. We cannot but glorify God, which has in turn encouraged us as a family to being part of the ministry team, worship team and Radiant School of Learning. Being part of the Radiant School of Learning is a calling that came unexpected. One thing the Lord has taught us is that ‘He doesn’t call the qualified but qualifies the called’.

Every week at Adonai has been as refreshing and eye-opening as the day we first set foot inside. The teachings we receive at church have not only blessed us but changed the way we walk, talk and fellowship with the Lord. We are privileged and blessed to be a part of the different ministries that Adonai has ventured into. The deliverance and freedom we received during the encounter weekends and 9 day schools have truly changed our spiritual lives and walk with God, not to forget the most recent inclusion – the spiritual warfare sessions which have been a turning point for all of us and have completely changed the way we talk to the Lord.

Our years at Adonai are filled with cherished memories of the wonderful Christmas parties, long drives with the youth, evenings at Cafe 34/8 and carol rounds. We have seen God unwrap His choicest riches for the Church from the ‘tin-roof’ days to the glorious four storey building and his extended blessings to the left and the right of the Church.

We extend our sincere gratitude that words fail to express to Victor and Annie for being not just a spiritual mentor and pastor, but friends whose constant encouragement, prayers, love and support have built and strengthened us. We are blessed and privileged to be able to worship together as a family even to the third generation and cherish every single moment of being a part of this wonderful family we call ‘Adonai’.