Do Not Fear, For You Shall Not Be Ashamed


When I first came to Adonai in 1991, the congregation met at the Rotary Club hall on Lavelle Road. I was 23 and didn’t know anything about God or Jesus. I had been through many disappointments, dropped out of a couple of colleges and a couple of jobs that did not pay much. I had completed a three-year course in smoking marijuana and had a personality that swung between overconfidence and inferiority. I had just returned from an attempt at a world cycling tour. I was also a chain smoker and my language was loaded with more expletives than English.

On the first Sunday I came in, the message was a passionate sermon on the love of God and how Jesus had died on the cross for all our sins and how God’s arms were wide open no matter what you had done. I returned Sunday after Sunday for the next four weeks and heard pretty much the same thing. I have been here ever since. That message of God’s love and grace got me! I came from a Hindu family where religion was about rituals which I did not believe in. The simplicity of Christ and his teachings had me hooked. The cigarettes, dope and foul language disappeared, of course, when I began to believe in Christ.

For the very first time, I did experience the very tangible presence of God. That surprised me and I began to think that if God was real, I would give my life to him. I wasn’t looking for God, but if there was a God, I wanted the truth in black and white. I also didn’t want to be wasting my time if any of this was not true. However, over the weeks and months that followed, I continued to experience deeply the tangible presence of God and found the truth I was looking for. That is the story of how I became a Christian.

Ever since, I have experienced God’s hand of blessing and provision in my life. There has been a sense of contentment, healing and wholeness in Him.

Isaiah 54:4 became one of my favorite scriptures – “Do not fear, for you shall not be ashamed: Neither disgraced, for you will not be put to shame”. To this day, in many challenging circumstances, I find God encouraging me with this same scripture, and I can testify that I have never been put to shame neither disgraced. God enabled me to follow my passion of travel and I started my travel company about 10 years ago. God has blessed me abundantly in every area and I thank him every day for His grace and faithfulness. Today, my business supports a few families and children. With God, you might not need an MBA from IIM or Harvard! Especially if he calls you into business.

It all started with just one step of coming to the right place. Over the years, God has used Adonai to teach me the fundamentals of faith. The countless teachings we receive on faith and the love, grace, sovereignty of God have enabled each one of us to understand just a little bit more of God and apply these truths in challenging circumstances in our lives for His glory.

At Adonai, every sinner will find hope. In every hopeless situation, you will find faith and no matter how difficult your situation, you will find support. You can’t ask for more on your journey with God.

I’d like to thank the team at Adonai for the fantastic job they have done over the years and the way God has used them to impact my life and many others. Its been 6 years since my wife Wilma and I have been married. We have since been blessed with our three children Karuna, Joanna and Daniel. God bless.