From Fear to Freedom

Romola Joseph

More than a quarter century ago, an Ethiopian school girl had nowhere to go on Christmas. Our family was asked, “Any room at the Joseph’s Inn?” We accepted her and we met many more of her family members that special Christmas season.

The oldest sister Sephanite was the first to tell us about Adonai, calling it a ‘Miracle Centre’ of about a dozen people.

It took a year to convince us to really ‘Taste and see’.

The 1st. service at Adonai, made me flee from 151 Defense Colony the place where we used to meet. Being used to an orthodox setting, buried in traditions, this was sheer madness! The ‘Good Shepherd’ however, sought me out. I ventured into the Richmond Town ‘Care Group’, that discussed Adonai’s morning Message. I definitely felt safe in the “Outer Courts” as the ‘Tabernacle’ was taught, and fascinated each time I was drawn deeper. The Group was caring and gentle, and lured me back by saying I would learn much more if I heard their Pastor Victor!
‘The fish were caught!’ We, Smriti, Samiran and I came in just before “The Lamp Stand”. The shadows dispelled forever- every tradition broke into smithereens!

During those early meetings, a unique feature was people rushing to the mike to give their testimonies. Each Sunday was a fresh spate of Miracles! I marveled at back then as I had ‘socio-phobia'{fear of mikes and addressing a crowd!}. Arun’s testimony, about David’s birth rooted me – I was awe struck – This has to be God! How could I ever leave after that? Interestingly, many family members turned against us after we joined Adonai and did everything possible to put a stop! We guessed we were in the right place!

Vic and Ann started a Bible School. I was so excited and I signed up along with Samiran, who was just 15- with no money in my pocket! It was a most marvelous experience, facing the stormiest day in years in Bangalore on June 3rd, 91, drenched yet happy! Smriti had left for Mumbai to study, little did we know she would be lost in the floods for 3 days, along with my husband, who went to search for her– But prayers at Bible School kept me calm and confident till at last both were found! Each Adonai student received a prophetic message when we completed our course. For me it was ‘God will open many doors – walk through it with confidence for He will guide you’. It did not make much sense as I had an almost blank wall in front of me then. Looking back over the years there is not a bit of doubt there is a strong connection between my professional Social work and Adonai since 1987.

Years later, a ‘Missionary Journey’ to Shillong and Tura was organized I gleefully signed up for it but a ghastly tragedy of a gruesome murder in the family traumatized me into a ‘frozen’ condition and I told Ann I would drop out. She at once said “Once you put your hand to the plough do not turn back” She assured me “Wait and see something good is going to happen”. I was an ice block that could not think straight. I went along like a zombie but seeing the thirsty, hungry and really poor in spirit rushing forward at the altar call, woke me properly -Yes Ann’s prophesy also came true in more ways than one. I was invited to an International Conference in Germany to “Speak” about my work! All paid – for me? Since then, this ‘penniless social worker’ has been going places, doing things only possible with my “Adonai”- My Master and my Lord. Each time He opens the doors and guides me.
Besides compassion for the poor, ministering to people is also my passion and I am willing to go any distance for both- All glory to God!