Satan and His Kingdom Exposed



Satan and his kingdom – Exposed!: Victory over Satan’s dominion

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‘Satan and his kingdom – Exposed!’ helps us gain a biblical understanding of Satan and his demons. Unless we know who our enemy is, we will never be able to walk in our God-given authority. Rev. Victor D’Monte gives a detailed account of who demons are and how they operate in our present world. He also exposes the subtle schemes of the enemy that keeps people in bondage. This book will enable you to be successful in ministering to those who are oppressed by the enemy, and also recognise those who are held captive in various areas of their lives. The second part of this book focuses on ‘Spiritual Warfare’, which is essential to see God’s Kingdom established on Earth. In the last chapter, the teaching on the Armour of God will give you the confidence to stand against the enemy and his plots against you. You will also find testimonies of how people’s lives have been transformed through the ministry of healing and deliverance.