The Potter and the Clay

Wilwin Kumar

I entered Adonai as a heathen with a strong mindset of lasting only for a week, as it was a protestant church. My work at the Adonai office started on 12th October 1992 and I was in charge of the parking of vehicles. I did not enjoy my work, as it hampered my extracurricular activity of playing the sport I loved-which was cricket. Soon I started bunking work to play cricket.

I was then invited to be part of the youth meetings and to my surprise I enjoyed attending these meetings. This triggered my curiosity of attending the service as well. I was assigned to handle the PA systems. As Pastor Victor shared the gospel my staunch Catholicism forced me not to respond to the word but, Pastor Victor presented me with a bible. When I started reading the bible I felt the presence of God and the highlight among the youth added to this strange feeling as they shared their love, unity and thirst for God. This drew me closer to the church.

In 1993 we went for a camp in Mavanahalla, where I was made a leader to watch over the youngsters in the boys’ dormitory. During one of the ministry times, Steve prophesied and said that God has chosen me to be a leader. I laughed at this, as I found it to be ridiculous and just an act. I believed in facts and started a comparative analysis by attending mass in a Catholic church first and then service at Adonai. Although the results showed that they were poles apart, I was drawn to Adonai. As I progressed reading the bible, I felt challenged by God and wanted Him more than anything in the world including my favorite pastime – cricket. So, I decided to give up reciting the rosary and any form of idol worship. I knew that I was still bound emotionally to mother Mary as I always called upon her during the most difficult times. After attending the one to one foundation course, I had the strength to do the impossible i.e. setting Mother Mary free. On 27th July, 1996 I became a true believer as I was baptized at Adonai and did not take a second look at my past.

In 1997, I decided to join the three-month Discipleship Course. This was certainly a life changing moment as I was filled with the Holy Spirit. Annie prophesied by saying that God is going to use me as His instrument and I would be casting out demons at a crusade and this time I believed with all my heart. This made a difference as after I finished the Discipleship Course, I was inducted as an Assistant Leader in the church for cell group meetings in Indiranagar.

In 1999, I was moved to Kirubai to assist in the leadership of the church. As I preached in Tamil I recollected the prophecy that Annie had made and realized that it wasn’t a dream. I was born to be a leader and cricket didn’t hold its place of importance in my life anymore. In March 2000, I moved back to Adonai. (Adonai was then separated from NFI). Pastor Victor asked me to kindly lead worship in the English service, I was thrilled as I knew that I was in the right place. Later, I became the treasurer for the Board of Trustees. Slowly I got involved with educating children and have been with the Radiant School of Learning since 2004. I underwent discipleship training for a year which included leading the teenagers of the church and on the sidelines evangelizing to the community behind the church (Doddigunta), this resulted in starting a Tamil service at Adonai in November 2000. At this point I realized that the prophesies were coming true whether I liked it or not and this time I did feel like an instrument as I was doing this with God’s help. He was guiding me to pastor the English service as well as the Tamil church.

I have now completed ten years in the Tamil church, and was officially inducted as the Pastor in 2007. I am married to my lovely wife, Angeline for 7 years and we have a beautiful daughter named Gabriela.

As I look back at the journey I have travelled I would like to thank God for being the potter who molded me into the man I am today. I am truly blessed to be a part of Adonai.