The Road That Led To Adonai Church

Shireen Pearson

It was August ’88, and I was desperately looking for a church where I would get my spiritual needs met-growth,teaching,the opportunity to serve and most of all, a family in the Lord.I prayed much about this and no real cry from the heart goes unanswered by the Lord! My prayers were answered and I soon got to meet this wonderful group of people through an evangelistic crusade in which Bro.S.R.Manohar was the guest speaker. The church was the young Adonai Church, just two years old, with a young pastor and his wife, always smiling and welcoming. The worship in the meetings was genuine and lively. Pastor Victor and Annie invited me to the service that Sunday and my friend Rachel Verghese offered to pick me up. I just loved the worship, the teaching and the fellowship. Different from anything I had experienced in a traditional church!

The next Sunday I set out on my own but, not surprisingly, I lost my way since I was so new to that area. Disappointed, I told the Lord that if it was really His will that I be joined to this church He would have to literally guide my steps to the building where the church was housed in Indiranagar. That’s when a Divinely- operated GPS took over in my head! It was nothing short of a miracle! I could hear a clear voice telling me to turn left or right as was required and I found myself directly on the road to Adonai and could hear heavenly music coming from the First Floor of the building, just where I was standing! My joy at the Lord’s guidance was unsurpassed!

This is God’s given church for me where my children and I found refuge, guidance and growth and the children their salvation through the Sunday School. Without my Pastor, Annie , Pastor David Gundi, Manjula and all the church family I could not have found the strength to carry on after all the storms that have come in my life. My sisters in the Daughters of Zion have carried me in their prayers and I have experienced the upliftment in my spirit almost immediately! I have been equipped and trained to face life joyfully & victoriously, slowly but surely these 23 years!

Thank you Pastor Victor, Annie and all the leaders for helping me to stand sure on the Rock!