Third Generation Running

Duncan Lewis & Family

With a sincere desire and a dependable heart, our long search for “The Church” began at the end of 1989. One visit to Adonai and we knew this was where we belonged. Without a doubt in our hearts we embraced what we now call our ‘second home’!

It was at the beginning of 1990 that we became committed members of the church. It has been a blessed and fruitful journey of 21 years at Adonai since then. It is with a heart full of gratitude that we praise God to this day for the transformation he has brought in each one of our lives as individuals and as a family.

Right from the start the church has been with us in our share of joys and challenges, stood by us in times of financial difficulty and our sicknesses. Where Duncan’s health was concerned, we experienced immense support and love from the entire church, both in terms of prayer and even in blessing us financially in our time of need. We clearly remember an instance when Duncan met with an accident and the church took an offering; for which the amount collected was the exact amount required for the surgery! We have seen immense blessing in our lives since then and have been reaping the benefits of what we have sowed over the years out of the revelations and teachings we have received. We are now living a debt free life which we once thought would take a lifetime to repay.

Looking back in time we see what a blessing the family camps have been. We enjoyed every one of them. It was a wonderful way of bringing families together for a holiday and enjoying the fellowship of other families. The kids accepted the Lord at one such camp. The kids’ foundation was established through teachings and personal ministry which have benefited them richly. Today we can see the fruits of the right decisions and choices they have made in their lives. We cannot but glorify God, which has in turn encouraged us as a family to being part of the ministry team, worship team and Radiant School of Learning. Being part of the Radiant School of Learning is a calling that came unexpected. One thing the Lord has taught us is that ‘He doesn’t call the qualified but qualifies the called’.

Every week at Adonai has been as refreshing and eye-opening as the day we first set foot inside. The teachings we receive at church have not only blessed us but changed the way we walk, talk and fellowship with the Lord. We are privileged and blessed to be a part of the different ministries that Adonai has ventured into. The deliverance and freedom we received during the encounter weekends and 9 day schools have truly changed our spiritual lives and walk with God, not to forget the most recent inclusion – the spiritual warfare sessions which have been a turning point for all of us and have completely changed the way we talk to the Lord.

Our years at Adonai are filled with cherished memories of the wonderful Christmas parties, long drives with the youth, evenings at Cafe 34/8 and carol rounds. We have seen God unwrap His choicest riches for the Church from the ‘tin-roof’ days to the glorious four storey building and his extended blessings to the left and the right of the Church.

We extend our sincere gratitude that words fail to express to Victor and Annie for being not just a spiritual mentor and pastor, but friends whose constant encouragement, prayers, love and support have built and strengthened us. We are blessed and privileged to be able to worship together as a family even to the third generation and cherish every single moment of being a part of this wonderful family we call ‘Adonai’.